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In her new book, Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business, Chapin answers the most common questions asked by readers of her first book: “What’s next? Can I make a living doing this?” Chapin coaches her readers on exactly how to make a livelihood from their passion, in a friendly voice that everyone can relate to. Not only for crafters, but for all creative entrepreneurs who want to own a business, this book guides them through the intimidating process of creating the important business plan.

Chapin calls upon some of the most successful creative professionals, her Creative Collective, to share their struggles, successes, and best business advice. The diverse group includes a copywriter, business strategists, crafters and handmakers, career and life coaches, a teacher, painters, and illustrators. This is an invaluable opportunity for readers to learn from the experiences of these creative gurus.

In 2010, Kari Chapin’s The Handmade Marketplace became an overnight phenomenon, teaching crafters how to apply marketing savvy to develop smart, distinctive product presentations for success in online selling venues such as Etsy. Chapin’s advice has set thousands of crafters on the entrepreneurial track, with 100,000 copies of The Handmade Marketplace in print.

Boasting 76 customer reviews with an overall 4.5 star ranking on Amazon.com, The Handmade Marketplace Your Guide to Selling Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online is the best-selling guide that helps you market your crafts and set up your handmade business. ….READ MORE

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