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Hey! Hi! Hello!

Every year I host a Fresh Start eCourse, and 2013 will be no different – however – lots of things about Fresh Start 2013 WILL be different!

First things first though – I don’t know about you, but I always scroll to the bottom of these sales pages to see how much the ‘thing’ I’m considering buying costs. I think that for the most part, reading the descriptions of people’s projects is an important part of deciding if you want to join their program or go on a learning adventure with them, but I think that most of us know if something is possible for us when we see the price, so I’m just gonna come right out with it

Fresh Start 2013 will be a cool $12.00 a week! For 12 weeks, which makes it $144 total. Not only is that a real deal, but it’s a great way to start out your creative business’s New Year. Our collective experience will begin on January 7th and will end on March 30th.

So now that we have the biggest detail out of the way, I’m going to go on to explain what we’ll be doing this year and I’m hoping that you’re going to be just as excited as I am. Personally, I’m not one to wish away time my friends, but I am so over the moon excited about this course and I can’t wait for it to begin! (!!!)

I’m working on a big writing project – another creative business book! I’ll be able to make an official announcement once the ink is dry on the contract – but until then, I’ll just say that I’m really excited and I think you’ll be too.

I’m hoping to write some excellent case studies from our time together and possibly find some new-to-our-community gems of businesses for my newest Creative Collective. Exciting, right? Right! The Creative Collective feature of my book is a reader favorite – members of my Creative Collective have gone on to be featured on Martha Stewart’s television show, give talks at Etsy, get their own book deals, and have even opened successful retail stores.

So here’s the plan:

FRESH START 2013 is an online learning experience for all kinds of folks with creative or handmade businesses. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business but anyone who is just getting started, or who needs a strong refresher in the basics, will most likely find this course most useful.

In fact, the ideal person for this course either has a dream but so far hasn’t made any big moves towards making it come true or they are unsure of what to do to get things going.

Maybe you just really, really loved The Handmade Marketplace and you’d like to join along with loads of other people who love it too.

Is that you? If so, perfect-o! Let’s get our New Year Fresh Start on!

That brings me to our course content:

We’re gonna work through all twelve sections of The Handmade Marketplace for Fresh Start 2013. Come join me! That’s right you guys – we’re gonna go through The Handmade Marketplace chapter by chapter, section by section, and work through it all together! There’s going to be a bit of Grow Your Handmade Business thrown in there too for good measure. Business planning and goal/intention work!

Along the way, we’re going to hear from my some of my original Creative Collective, check in with where they are now, see how their businesses have changed for the better since the book came out, and I’ll be asking them for their latest tips and tricks!

Does this sound great so far or what?

But there is one more thing I have up my sleeve…the first 60 people who sign up for Fresh Start 2013 will be featured on my website ( with a link on my Facebook Pages and my Twitter feed – that’s exposure to thousands of people. I’ll also Tweet the links and post the interviews in our classroom too. Between all of my social media connections, your business will get exposure to thousands of people – BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!

I’ll ask you to answer four questions and to submit four photos of your work plus all of your important contact information – and then I’ll post them on my blog and link to the posts from my Facebook fan pages – of which I have two. And these posts will all happen before December 15th so that potential customers will have plenty of time to place an order with you if they’d like. The posts will be in first come, first served, order so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll get the four questions and a special email address to send your answers too.  Why 60? That’s the number of people I can feature comfortably before December 15th – so customers will still have time to place holiday orders with you.

Sound good?

So here’s a breakdown of what our 12 weeks will look like:

Week 1: Setting The Scene For Success

Week 2: Branding Your Business

Week 3: Establishing Basic Business Practices

Week 4: Marketing Basics

Week 5: Your Craft Community

Week 6: Blogging

Week 7: Advertising and Publicity

Week 8: More Online Marketing networks

Week 9: The Craft Fair Scene

Week 10: Selling In Online Stores

Week 11: Selling In Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Week 12: Getting Creative: Other Selling Options and Opportunities

Each week, you’ll be expected to have read the chapter that we’ll be focusing on and we’ll tackle it head on. I’ll give you my current thoughts on the subject matter and ask you for your thoughts or feedback. You’ll be able to discuss the content with all of your fellow students.

Every week you’ll be able to submit any questions you may have to me and I’ll answer them on Fridays.

Each chapter discussion will come with a list of goals for you to work on based on the chapter material. You’ll get between three and five actionable steps to help propel your business forward, based on the week’s lessons.

You will have access to your classroom for the remainder of 2013 – which means you can stay in touch with your fellow creative business owners, continue to lean on one another, and support each other through the challenges and successes you’ll experience in 2013. And of course, I’ll be checking in on you throughout the year too.

You’ll be able to communicate directly with experts who can help you hone your skills, like a photographer during Week 4 and a graphic designer to talk to you about what makes a great design during Week 2.

We’ll have a tax person to answer the most asked questions during Week 3, and we’ll discover new strategies for taking payments during Week 3 too.

Interested in selling in stores? Then I think you’re going to love our Q&A with an indie boutique owner who’ll give us the inside scoop on getting your goods on the showroom floor.

So quick recap because I know I just hit you with a lot of information:

Fresh Start 2013 FACTS

The adventure begins on January 7th and ends on March 30th. This gives you time to get past the holidays and will take you through the first business quarter of the year. Neat, huh?

We’re going to work through The Handmade Marketplace – with a dash of Grow Your Handmade Business thrown in.

Actionable goal suggestions! Need a further kick in the pants? My lists of goals and action steps will help you figure things out if you feel stuck.

You’re going to connect with past members of my Creative Collective and business experts who can help you get where you want to go.

You’ll have unlimited access to our group for the whole of 2013! You’ll be able to refer to our lessons and interviews again and again, not to mention have a group of people to connect with, who understand what you’re going through, been where you’ve been, and who can support you as you get to where you want to be.

I’ll answer all of your burning creative business questions each and every Friday. I can’t wait to connect with you!

The first 60 people who sign up will get a feature on my blog, which will be linked to my Facebook pages and my Twitter account. That’s exposure to a whole lot of people for your business. Even if you didn’t want to take part in the course, $144 dollars for that kind of advertising before the holidays is a GREAT DEAL! This offer is first come first served – so you need to sign up, pay and I’ll be in touch right away. I’m giving my newsletter subscribers first dibs on this opportunity. On Saturday I will post it on my blog and across my social media sites. If you want to be one of the first 60, hop on it now!

I hope you’ll join me for Fresh Start 2013. This is really going to be a wonderful experience for all of us. I am going to be d-e-v-o-t-e-d to these 12 weeks and I hope you’ll be right there with me.

Questions? Send ‘em to with FS2013 in the subject line and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.Thanks everyone! Here’s to an awesome New Year ahead.

xo, Kari

PS – I’m sending out another newsletter next week with my coach offerings for 2013, along with a few other surprises – but I wanted to get Fresh Start up and running first. Keep an eye out for more news soon!

PPS – I stocked my Etsy store with signed copies of both books. If you leave me a note in the Notes To Seller saying you’re from my newsletter list, I’ll include an extra gift with your order!
xoxo, Kari

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