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thoughts and jots from kari

Episode 7: AIM with Kari Chapin & Jessica Swift

Jessica is… simply put, on of my favorite people on the good green earth. She is made of magic, like your favorite flower blooming and a view of the Aurora Borealis and whatever your favorite song is all mixed together and formed into the shape of a lady friend. She is also humble and I am sure she is groaning at that description if she reads this. My point is, she is very good in all the ways I think a person is good.

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Episode 5: AIM with Kari Chapin & Anna Joyce

Meet Anna Joyce. If me you and Anna were at a gathering and I was going to introduce you I would say: Please meet Anna Joyce. We’ve only met recently, but I feel like we’ve been friends for a long time. That’s mostly because Anna has a open, unassuming way about her that is both […]

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Episode 3: AIM with Kari Chapin & Jen Neitzel

Meet Jen Neitzel This isn’t Jen’s official biography, but rather, my version of her. This is how I would introduce you to Jen if we were at a party: Jen is incredible. She is creative to her core. She is a community leader. She has run very successful craft based businesses and she really allows […]

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