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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All content belongs to Kari Chapin. You may not reprint or use any content with out written permission from Kari Chapin. If you chose to reference something you’ve found on, please provide a link back. Questions? Send an email using the contact form and you’ll get a response back lickety split.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey there! This is my affiliate disclaimer. That means sometimes I link to things and get a small amount of the purchase price if you buy it through my link. You don’t pay more, but the company you buy from sends me a little bit of money. For example, everything in my Amazon store is an affiliate link. In fact, you really wouldn’t even know you were using an affiliate link unless someone pointed it out to you.

I rarely recommend programs, but if I do, and it’s an affiliate link, I’ll be sure to let you know.

There are lots of people, products and services that I love to share. Hardly any of those will be affiliate links. You can count on me letting you know though if I am using an affiliate link.

Here’s the rundown:

If I am mentioning a book and it links back to Amazon, I am using an affiliate link.

If you visit my Amazon Store, I am using affiliate links.

If I am using an affiliate link for anything else, I’ll hashtag it at the end of the post like this: #affilaitelink

Now that this is all cleared up. Let’s go back to the good stuff.