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Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

You can hire me to help you with almost any of your creative business needs (or at least the ones I’m good at). I create custom consulting packages for business that need help:

  • Developing effective and doable marketing strategies. Want support creating the shortest path to a successful campaign? Let’s focus on proven techniques that will get you there quickly with action steps that save you time.
  • Creating manageable editorial calendars. Social media and blogging getting you down? Not sure how to tie all of the popular options together that drive results to your products or services? I’ll plot it all out for you and set you up with what you need the most to get the most from yore social media.
  • Planning strategic growth on a timeline that makes the most sense to you. Missing opportunities? Feeling like you could grow if only you knew how? Let’s make sure you do know and get you growing as fast as possible.
  • Business brainstorming and ideation. Are you looking for fresh concepts and ideas? Whether you want to reach a new audience within the creative demographic or just think of new products that are on trend, I’m you’re girl. I love doing this. Let me repeat, just a little bit louder now, I LOVE DOING THIS.

Contact me to set up a short discussion to go over what you most want to happen. If we are a good match, I’ll create a proposal just for your needs. You’ll be bale to pick from my full a la carte menu of services (available after our initial conversation) and we’ll take it from there.

I am all about action plans and working with me doesn’t take months and months. Usually by the time a client needs help, they wished they had hired someone months ago. I like to dig in and get started quickly so you can get the fastest results. I only take two consulting clients at a time, because this work is big and deep. I focus on you until our work is done.

Here’s some feedback from a few clients that have happily worked with me:

will-consult“Kari Chapin showed us that our pipe dream plan was not only doable right now, but financially viable. She tackled our questions and concerns from all angles: emotional, financial, and logistical. She really listened to our concerns and responded with an unyielding, but grounded optimism: a belief that we could achieve. In the period to time I’ve been with the business, total income is up 71% and net income is up 132% compared to the same period the prior year. We would recommend Kari to anyone who desires a more fulfilling life, but can’t quite see how to make it happen. She is your light at the end of the tunnel. And she’s great at customer service for especially busy people.”
Will Cervarich

andy hayes“The most influential person in my professional success has been Kari Chapin. Working one-on-one with Kari was an opportunity to squash problems and designs solutions both creatively and effectively. I credit Kari for a total transformation of the vision of my brand which has resulted in the development of new product lines, new partnerships, and a renewed sense of vigor, purpose, and fun. Kari gave me permission to think bigger, and showed me the tools needed to quickly test and implement those big creative ideas.

If I had a board of directors, Kari Chapin would be it.”
Andy Hayes

jay“Kari’s thorough understanding of the intricacies of the left and right brain, of the creative and business, of art and commerce places her in the top of her field. If there was ever such a thing as a creative business therapist, I would, without a doubt, be laying on the couch in Kari’s office gladly throwing cash at her.”
Jay McCarroll

I know many of you are just starting out or have general questions about the work you do and the work you want to do. While I no longer offer coaching services to crafters and handmakers on a regular basis, I will always offer 6 (six) tiny sessions a month to people who want them.

Tiny sessions are short, 45 minute talks that you get to direct. Do you want an online shop review? Help with your item descriptions? Have an emotional struggle that is hurting your business, like fear of success or imposter syndrome? Just want some feedback on an idea you have? Need some explanations about your marketing or social media? These are all great things to book a Tiny Session for. After you book our meeting, I’ll send you a small workbook to help you prepare for our conversation so we can jump right in with targeted work that make you feel better and makes your business better.

Tiny Sessions are affordable. Only $75.00 USD for 45 minutes of me and you. We can either talk on the phone or with Skype. You pick.

My Tiny Sessions are no longer available. Please signup for my newsletter to stay updated on future opportunities to work with me.

Here’s some feedback from people like you, who have benefited from a Tiny Session with me:

tamaraWorking with Kari has been the absolute best thing I have done to transform my business from an idea into a reality. She guided me through key stages of development, helping me find clarity and then giving me tools I needed to grow.

You will feel in your heart that she genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Kari also beautifully and skillfully communicates information about business in an extremely relatable and clear way. I can easily say that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Kari’s coaching, mentorship, resources and solid business foundation that she has given me. As a creative soul at heart with no business background, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to do it. Gratefully, with Kari’s help, I am loving business just as much as my creative process and I think you will too.
– Tamara Hackett

michelle blackAs an artist and creative I can, by nature, think so far down the road of my creative career that when it comes time to get to work, I am overwhelmed and have paralyzed myself from doing whatever the next indicated step is to succeed.  This is where my conversations with Kari Chapin have been instrumental in moving what was once my expensive hobby down the path towards a successful career.  She is the woman that holds the string to the kite. Her insight is grounding and she has a way of understanding the artist and craftman-soul by breaking things down to where one feels empowered by the idea of being a business person and not overwhelmed by it.  By her listening to what is I do, what my intentions are, my strengths and weaknesses, she gave me the basics to a foundation in which I could steadily grow from.   thank you Kari!  You are thebombdotcom!! – Michelle Black

jenI really enjoy Kari’s passion for helping small business people. She has helped me on a few different occasions and the thing that I love about Kari’s approach specifically, is she has this way of really understanding the micro-business entrepreneur. Her advice is less about throwing money at problems or following traditional small business strategies. Instead, her advice is scaled to meet my tiny business needs. She is full of ideas, examples and is a great sounding board for some of my bravest/worst ideas. It’s so easy to feel alone when you take on the challenge of running your own business, but with people like Kari Chapin in the world, you’ve always got a small business expert on your side. – Jen

amy-alanI had a Tiny Session with Kari when I was approached by a large, well-known company about doing some work for them. Kari talked me through the entire decision making process, and helped me to see that I actually wanted to say “no”, and focus on my own business and creative pursuits. After our conversation, I felt motivated, inspired and extremely positive about the choice I was making. I am so grateful that Kari took the time to help me evaluate my business and look towards my future. As a small business owner working for myself, her advice and knowledge was invaluable, and I would not hesitate to call upon her again in the future.  – Amy Alan

Every now and then I meet people who need help with their dream of writing a book. Naturally, I love these people. They are my people. I adore books. I like reading them, buying them, and of course, writing them. Books! If you want to get that proposal done finally or just talk about the process of writing a book, get in touch.

I don’t do this kind of work often, and my clients are confidential, so no testimonials here, but if you need ‘em, I can put you directly in touch with authors I’ve worked with – once I get their permission of course.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in this service:

  • No fiction please and thank you. My contacts and my expertise is in non-fiction – think crafts, food and general how-to.
  • I am not a writing coach. Think of me more as help with your proposal and idea workshopping.

Want to talk about your book? Use the contact form – choose Hire Me – and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

All book work is confidential – your ideas are safe with me. Because of this, my book consulting clients remain confidential. Please get in touch and if we are a fit for working together, I can share my previous client experience privately.